Web Hosting Service

Okay, so this is where you come to pay for Web Hosting. You can pay monthly or annually by mashing the button below. It ain’t pretty, but you know me – it works and that’s my thing.

Annual Hosting

12 months of web hosting on OsgoodCreative servers along with my personal troubleshooting (within reason, you filthy animal). You can probably find it cheaper somewhere, but can you find it better? No chance! Annual hosting carries a discount because I like things simple.

Hit “Add to Cart” to get the payment thing happening.

$75 / year

Monthly Hosting

Month-by-month hosting service. Any time you want to switch to annual, we can set that up. In the meanwhile, I’m working on setting up a monthly recurring charge system, but for now, ya gotta come here and hit “BUY” every friggin’ month. You may be crazy, but that’s part of what I like about ya!

Hit “Add to Cart” and we’ll make (or keep) your site live!

$7.50 / mo

Domain Name Renewal

Pay for your domain name renewal right here. By the time you come here to click “Add to Cart” you know I’ve already updated the registrar for you, so you’ll have an email from me with your actual renewal date each year.

$21 / year