From Big-Ol’ 75s down to screens the size of a cell phone, Osgood Creative has a LOT of monitors available for you. Everything we have is available in pairs or singles. Contact us for rates!

  • 75 inch OLED
  • 50 inch LED
  • 40 inch LED
  • 32 inch LED
  • 24 inch OLED & LED
  • 21 inch (w/SDI input)
  • 10 inch (w/SDI input)
  • 7 inch LED
  • 5 inch with recording capabilities

We also have rollaround mounts, floor angle mounts, articulating arm mounts and rock and roll wedges to customize your displays’, umm, displays. You get the picture. Let’s talk about what you need.

What follows is a mostly-true story of living the roadie life as a teleprompter out on one of the biggest tours in the world for 18 months. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty, and others have been left in because those fellas are even guiltier.

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