25 Years of Experience in Film, Television and Rock n Roll!

From one-man shorts to $25 million International feature films, from Network television shows to Indie Music Videos, from Press Junkets to Twitch Streamers, Osgood Creative has been all over Filmed Entertainment. We’ve worked in every state (except Alaska), dozens of countries and on six continents.

With experience that broad, we’ve faced and conquered a huge array of problems, answered the tiniest of questions, and had the weirdest of experiences. That kind of resume lends itself to creative, on-your-toes thinking, flexibility and dynamic problem solving. One of the things we’ve come to learn is that many of the best solutions are found using creativity AND technology, which is the intersection of our expertise.

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Osgood Creative Specialties

Production Services

Bring us your production and we’ll work with you to budget, crew, shoot and/or finish your project. We’ve got cameras, soud lights, grip and expendables, and have relationships with rental houses to help get a great rate on additional gear.


From Extensive Rock and Roll experience with some of the most famous and demanding clients in the world to the most hyperlocal of speech prompting – we can help take your next live event to the next level.

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Video Monitors

From DSMs to support a speaker on stage to a new-space permanent installation to mobile video village to a multicam stream-room setup, we have the experience and tools to make it happen.

We Also Rent Monitors
at Osgood Creative

We've Worked With the Biggest Names in Entertainment

The greatest compliment a client can pay is to say “bring that guy back,’ and Osgood Creative has been hearing that repeatedly for years and years. From the client that calls us every year for their annual conference to the client who wants some help with rehearsal and ends up making space for us on the world tour, we do what it takes to make our clients happy. “You make it so much easier than the last guys did” is a common refrain from new clients towards the end of our first day on a gig.

While we keep our current clients confidential, we can list people and companies with whom we’ve successfully worked in the past.

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we can rent you backline gear with or without techs for your small show, concert , movie or video production here in town or out on the road. while we have a limited selection, we will not be underbid. get in touch with us to see what we’ve got available!

tired of struggling with your phone, your second phone, holding a selfie stick and wondering about lighting? We can build you a fully-unplugged mobile streaming rig that’s just as comfortable on a tripod as on the shoulder of one of your friends (or a camera operator!), complete with a mobile streamer that doesn’t use your phone at all, so no battery drain, no meltingly hot screen, just a more natural, straightforward experience.

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who's that boy

the Man Behind the Magic

From film and television production to live rock shows, from corporate stage events to run-and-gun location shoots, we’ve handled just about every situation the entertainment industry has to throw at us.

I'm here to help

Matt Osgood


Matt’s lived in or near Hollywood for 20 years, and has worked in entertainment since his first movie in the summer of 1997. Before that was film school and before THAT was writing and telling stories for theater and small publications.

Mostly, Matt hates writing bios, but loves writing in the 3rd person.

a little about us

Our Story

Osgood Creative was born out of the post-pandemic need to expand horizons from a decade focused purely on teleprompting and to get back to our roots in film & television, creating a bigger company that can focus on supporting a broader range of production services.

Sticking to our strengths in video seemed like the natural move, so we’ve been expanding our range of monitors and our operators who know the systems. We’re also growing our range of camera equipment, so we can shoot your production, your live show or your meeting and get you your footage, either raw or cut together shortly after the director yells ‘wrap!’

We can help

Live Corporate Events need all kinds of video help, from Down Stage Monitors to Presidential teleprompter systems and Osgood Creative has got you covered. We also have experience in the chaotic world of small productions, live entertainment and large studio press days, to name just a few.

We’ve consulted on custom builds for touring teleprompter rigs, helping build out stage monitors for touring acts. We’ve built camera setups for an e-learning studio that was going all-virtual. We have in stock full Rock Kits, ready to support the biggest artists’ tours on a moment’s notice, and customize each package for the best coverage to match the artist’s needs.

If you’re looking for consulting or crew, Osgood Creative can help you out.